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 San Andreas Laws

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PostSubject: San Andreas Laws   Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:15 am

The following list has been cut into sections, to show the seriousness of crimes.

Minor Offenses

Jail Time: 5-30 minutes
Ticket: 1000-20,000 $

- Assault.
- Carrying a Concealed Weapon (other than a firearm) example; Baseball Bat.
- Committing a nuisance.
- Conspiring to commit a crime.
- Discharge of a firearm within City limits.
- Disturbing peace/Unlawful Assembly.
- Indecent exposure.
- Loitering
- Trespassing
- Vandalism
- Reckless driving
- Failure to yield at intersection.
- Speeding


Jail Time: 20-30 minutes
Prison Time: 1-4 hours
Fine: 25,000-100,000 $

- Assault with a deadly weapon (other than a firearm) example; Baseball Bat.
- Possession of a weapon on Federal Property. example; Hospital.
- Criminal Mischief
- Possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia.
- Prostitution or solicitation for prostitution.
- Reckless endangerment
- Resisting Arrest/eluding law enforcement
- Selling of a firearm.
- Grand Theft Auto
- Unlawful possession/carrying of a firearm.
- Unlawful entry.
- Burglary.
- Possession of illegal narcotics.
- Eluding law enforcement within a vehicle.
- Discharge of a firearm from within a vehicle.
- Car Jacking.

Major Misconduct

Prison Time: 3-15 hours
Fine: 25,000-500,000 $

((NOTE: Once a character has received 25 major misconduct charges, that character will be on the Most-Wanted list, where when caught that character will be sentenced to life in prison.))

((NOTE: Information about Life Sentences can be found under the Game Affairs section.))

- Arson.
- Bribery.
- Extortion.
- Racketeering.
- Forgery.
- Grand Larceny.
- Hate Crimes.
- Kidnapping
- Murder
- Possession with the intent to sell marijuana(50 grams); illegal narcotics (25 grams).
- Sale, Distribution, or trafficking of marijuana; illegal narcotics.
- Vehicle homicide
- Possession of a explosive device(C4), or IED(Molotov Cocktail).
- Rape.
- Armed Robbery
- Terrorist threats including bomb threats.
- Attempted murder of a Law Enforcement Officer.
- Attempted murder.

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San Andreas Laws
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